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January... (but dreaming of Beverly Hills and hair accessories)

I am sitting writing this in one of those indie hipster cafes where everyone has cool beards, wearing their skinny jeans and sipping artisan coffee with 'alternative milk' (I am an avid lover of hazelnut milk, I must admit) whilst furiously typing on their Mac books (you know the type of person I am talking about right?!) And there is me- stuff everywhere, note pads, pink fluffy pens, random earrings scattered on the table (for inspiration of course) unbrushed hair forced into a messy pony tail while drinking a rancid green drink with spinach kale etc..( gross ) all while trying to plan the next few months for LFH.

After my recent trip to Morocco I am feeling more inspired than ever! (I will write all about Morrocco in my next post I promise!)

Right now I am obsessed with hair accessories- hairbands, hair clips, barrettes you name it I want to design it. Over the summer I was obsessed with an Anthropology Alice band I bought (see below) The print reminded me of my favourite print ever which is the the original iconic Martinique wallpaper at the Beverly Hills hotel. When I grow up I want my house to look like the Beverly Hills hotel- swimming pool and all.... (better get working Hermione) anyway I loved to pair this Alice band with the most colourful earrings in my collection which were my rainbow pom pom ones. Oh god this is such a summery look and I'm dreaming about the Beverly Hills hotel on this cold miserable January afternoon!

The dream...

Martinique wallpaper at the Beverly Hills hotel

My Anthropology Alice band teamed with my rainbow pom pom earrings

Back to hair accessories: I love them paired with earrings- as opposed to necklaces paired with earrings. I have been so inspired by Gucci's hair pieces- (ok when am I not inspired by Gucci?!) but anyway take a look at these-

absolutely LOVE they also come in pink too!

The Hermes silk neck scarves were what inspired me to design my liberty print bow hoops! Hence why I am such a fan of them as hair bands too!

However my favourite hair clips ever are the iconic Ashley William slogan clips. I first saw them on what I can only describe as the coolest woman I have ever seen, who was frowin' it (means 'sitting on the front row' of a catwalk show for anyone thinking I had made a typo..) at the Vin and Omi S/S18 show. Here she is-

ps. if anyone knows this mysterious girl please send her my way as she deserves a pair of LFH earrings...!

I am not a weirdo I promise but I did have to get a 'secret' photo of this icon (an icon in which I don't know her name!)

Honestly though Ashley Williams is my go to for clips- they are so much fun!

Ok, so enough of other peoples designs back to LFH- I am slowly starting to bring my hair accessory designs to life- I have started with velvet, diamanté and pearls on an Alice band (a dreamy combo) which have been so popular over Christmas- they were a sell out so there are plenty more in the making! I have also made some adorable little clips with pearl bows which have been really popular too. I am currently playing around with Liberty print on barrettes and children hairbands for summer '19 so watch this space....

If you have made it this far then please give yourself a round of applause! My mother who has proof read this said it was a little too long but I couldn't possibly cut it down (a hint of verbal diarrhoea perhaps?!)

ANYHOW this has been so much fun to write and part two of Hair accessories and how to style them will be coming soon!

Over and out,

Love from Hermione xxx

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