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Hair Accessories pt.2 and my love of a 60s quiff!

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Because I was yapping on about wanting to be in Beverley Hills in my last post (get a grip Hermione..) I didn't get onto my next part how to style hair accessories.

Here is the question - "how should I wear my hair accessories?". Well lets start with Alice bands: sometimes I use them to hide my unapologetically greasy hair, other times I wear them in an attempt to look like Blair Waldorf- just perched on top of my head in an effortlessly elegant style. But ultimately I love styling my hair bands with a classic 60s style quiff. I just wish I lived in the 60s but I don't so I am going to have to pretend like I did. My favourite blow dry bar, Duck and Dry in London does a fabulous blow dry called sixties siren. I get it every time I go out without fail, as it works so well with a hair band- which is my favourite look ever and when I walk out of the salon I feel like Brigitte Bardot.

Brigitte Bardot my 60s girl crush


Aside from Brigitte Bardot my number one style queen is Teggy French- she is like my modern day version of Brigitte. I found her on instagram (how very millennial of me) but trust me she is so worth a follow- her clothes, omg her clothes make me weak at the knees. Its her 60s flair, blended with chic elegance- my favourite combination. Her hair is also perfect- she always seems to get it right, her 60s quiff and immense volume always teamed with a super chic hair accessory.

I am going to do a Teggy appreciation post at some point dedicated to her and her outfits. The dream would be for Teggy to wear my earrings...!

She's a goddess and an inspiration. She has inspired my love of turbans- something I never dared to wear but I thought she looked so damn cool in hers I simply had to get one!

Teggy in a turban

Hermione in a turban (it doesn't have the same ring to it does it?!)

I love wearing my turban not only because it hides my greasy hair but because I think its so damn cool! I bought this one from Topshop and then accessorised it with a vintage Chanel brooch, I would wear it all day everyday if I could!

Now on to hair slides, I love them- they are so unaplogetically 90s! But I struggle wearing them as I have thick, wavy and relatively fluffy hair so getting that slick look is hard. However if you are blessed with straight smooth hair then this is the accessory for you.

90s baby

Some more beautiful clips,i just love the slick middle parting with double clips, especially the Ashley Williams slogan clips. But equally I love them effortlessly holding ones long locks in place- practical yet super stylish.

Some Ashley Williams dupes from Boohoo

A favourite hair clip designer of mine is Simone Rocha, her pieces are quite exquisite, especially her faux pearl slides. They are gloriously opulent yet pretty and delicate.

How pretty are these Simone Rocha slides?

A more reasonable alternative from Asos

And finally my favourite accessory for summer- a hair scarf. I love to tie them around my head but my favourite way to wear them is tied in a bow around a low, messy pony tail or low bun. I love the Gucci, Hermes and liberty silk twilly scarves, they are so timeless and they look so elegant. I also love a single ribbon tied around a pony tail with a pretty bow- so chic. So many high street stores are doing some amazing hair scarves at the moment, Asos especially. Below I have attached some pictures of my favourite ways to style your hair scarf.

Some of my favourite ways to wear hair scarves and ribbons

So there you have it: some ideas on hair accessories and how to wear them- at some point I will be writing about the development of my own new line of hair accessories so watch this space...!

Have a fabulous day!

Love from,

Hermione xxx

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